Lucy Lavers on Thursday June 22nd at 7.00pm at The Sackhouse

The presentation will feature Lucy Lavers’s history as a working lifeboat, her participation in
the Dunkirk Evacuation in May-June 1940, her later history, her eventual restoration at Rescue
Wooden Boats at Stiffkey under the direction of David Hewitt, her current home in Wells
Harbour and her return to Dunkirk in the 75th Anniversary of the evacuation as one of the
surviving ‘Little Ships’ in 2015. The illustrated presentation will be given by
Tim Lidstone-Scott and will be attended by members of the Rescue Wooden Boats community.
The previously advertised Albatros event will be rearranged at a later date.

Tickets for events £2.50 book online

or call 01328 710885