Community Banner Makers Day – Monday 24th July

Teacher and freelance designer, Amanda Moffat, has won the commission to create a large community banner to fill a permanent display position in the newly refurbished Wells Maltings when it reopens in the Spring of 2018.

The brief demands the imaginative use of a range of textile styles to create a visually engaging banner depicting the tapestry of life in and around Wells, made by the hands of the folk that enjoy those lives. Consequently, Amanda will involve students from both APHS and Wells Primary to produce some of the panels. The high school students will be using machine embroidery and appliqué techniques to construct the bunting and lettering panels with the expert help of Mrs Campling. The primary pupils will be crafting the bottom sections of each of the panels with weaving and hand sewing skills in the capable hands of Mrs Hardy and Mrs Gunhouse.

In addition to our school population, Amanda needs local volunteer groups and organisations to be represented in the project. A Makers’ Day will be held at the high school on Monday 24th July for members of the community to come together to create their own panel for posterity. The more local groups become involved, the more vibrant and diverse the town banner will become. Each group will be allocated one 50cm square panel to be incorporated into the completed design. Anybody with previous experience of textile skills, tapestry, quilting, embroidery and knitting will be welcomed to help guide any less experienced makers.

Please email to get involved in this exciting heritage project.

It’s important that the project uses as much recycled material as possible. So, if you have any old clothes or fabrics, particularly blue denim, cotton shirts or t-shirts in plain, spotted or striped coloured fabric and all kinds of wool, please drop them off at Wells Tourist Information Centre, 14 Freemans Street.