Community Play about the life of Sam Peel

Community Play about the life of Sam Peel

As part of the activities for the Heritage Lottery whilst the Maltings is under development we have a range of activities and exciting projects which may interest you.  One of these projects is a play about the life of Sam Peel, a man that many locals would argue shaped Wells and tackled many social problems.

Working closely with Susan Wilde Sam Peels Granddaughter, we are looking for people to get involved with this project, people with an interest in the story, people who can act or turn a hand at helping with the production team, front of house, historians anyone who may be interested.

Our first meeting will be on Wednesday 29th March at 11.00am at the Sackhouse in Wells in the meeting room on the first floor.   This will be the very first meeting to discuss how often we would need people, what the objectives are and to sketch out a timeline to recruiting a script writer and creating a production team.

If you would be at all interested in joining us on this very challenging and exciting journey in any capacity please come along or make contact with Ben at the Maltings to make sure you are on the mailing list for this event. / 01328 711378 / 07931262147

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