Doing Different – Marleigh Daniel reflects on Sam Peel, acting and our community play

Rehearsals for our community production of A MAN WHO DID DIFFERENT, based on the life of local champion Sam Peel, are in full swing.

The experience has brought together a dedicated and enthusiastic cast and crew, drawn from the local community, all keen to honour Sam and his pioneering work through drama.

In the cast is 9 year old Marleigh Daniel from Wells, who has written a blog about her experience in this project. Here’s what she says:

Hi. My name is Marleigh. I am 9 years old and go to Wells Primary School. I am in the community play about Sam Peel who was a good kind man. He made Wells a better place.

My parts are a young girl in the crowd on the quay, Sam’s young brother Will and a girl in Act two.

We have to go to rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday. I get to practice my part in the play and also watch the others. I like seeing what the other people can do and watch the play go along. I have not seen the end yet.

Best thing about acting is you get to show emotions and be someone else for a change.

The worst thing is waiting around for your part.

The play is set back in the early 1900s. So it is history. I am learning what happened in the past in Wells.

We rehearse in the Quaker Meeting House and at the Sack House. I help Sue with the drinks and hand out the biscuits.

One evening we had a problem. My grandma was washing up and had the tap running fast. I put a cup in and it got caught up under the tap and water went all over my grandma and the floor. It was very funny!!!

There was another time when there was a near disaster! A chair that had my coat on it was pushed too close to the heater and it began to smoke! Paul, Milly’s dad, noticed the smoke and grabbed my coat just before the hood melted.  So thank you Paul.

My Mum, brother and Auntie Polly are coming to see the play and my drama teachers are coming as well.  

I will write again.


A MAN WHO DID DIFFERENT, performed at Alderman Peel High School in Wells, runs on Fri 2 and Sat 3 March. Tickets available here.