Being my great, great grandfather’s daughter – Millie Burbridge on Sam Peel and our community play

Last week we featured a wonderful blog from A MAN WHO DID DIFFERENT cast member Marleigh.

This week, it’s the turn of Millie Burbridge, aged 11, who has the unique honour of playing her own great, great grandfather’s daughter.

Here’s what she says:

I never thought I would get to be my great, great Grandfather’s daughter! Here I am in a play that’s all about his life.

I feel honoured to be in this play. The first time I went to rehearsals I was very nervous because it was my first time being in a play and because I have never met all the people before, apart from my Auntie Sue. But now I’m so excited every time I go.

I have learned all my lines and the scene that I have to say my lines in is a very sad scene because sadly I …. die! Sometimes when I do that scene it makes me want to cry. I think that my mum and dad in the play are really good. 

This play inspires me because I used to be quite shy but now I’m not so shy. But I’m definitely worried about singing two lines in front of people.

We are doing more rehearsals now, and they are about two hours long, but I don’t mind because there’s lots to watch and listen to. To top it off, my mum and dad are in the play too. My dad is the tedious councillor and my mum is part of the crowd.

I just love being in this play!

Don’t be scared about singing Millie – we are right behind you!

A MAN WHO DID DIFFERENT, performed at Alderman Peel High School in Wells, runs on Fri 2 and Sat 3 March. Tickets available here.