The Landmark Cowls Return

The Cowls on the Maltings, once such a recognisable landmark for the town of Wells-Next-the-Sea, are Back!

The cowls were originally used to help regulate the flow of air from the drying furnaces. The hot dry air from the furnace would dry the germinated cereal grains brought to the Maltings. This would produce malted grains that would then be used for the production of things like Beer. The last time the cowls were seen on top of the Maltings was in 1939. At that time there was only one cowl remaining and it is thought that it was removed sometime during the second world war.

The new cowls you can see being attached in the video, have been faithfully reproduced from old photos. A company in Kent, specialising in making cowls for Oast Houses has been responsible to creating the new ones. Although the new cowls rotate in the wind they are not connected to any ducting.

The view of the cowls from out at sea or walking along the beach road is magnificent. It is the biggest change to the Wells town skyline in the Wells Maltings Project so far. Bringing back bags of extra character for the town.