The Wells Pirate Festival

“Ahoy There ! All Ye Smugglers and Landlubbers”

A family weekend of swashbuckling fun and adventure. Winner of two Action for Market town awards and ranked 17th in the best festivals chart

When I first stepped foot upon the shores of Wells in 2011 I came with one intention – to create a festival so mighty that pirates and wenches from all across the land would come and join in with the festivities, September was always a bit quiet in this here town and my crew and I wanted to extend the hullabaloo from the summer for another month.   We also stumbled across the Malting’s Project and saw what good work these folk were trying to achieve, redeveloping, restoring and repairing the grade 2 Malting’s building into something that could celebrate the history of the town, including characters like me!

pfsat093My Crew, some of which you will know, Barnacle Becky, Putrified Pat, Cabinboy Carole, Inconspicuous Inez to name but a few, every year we try something new and different but the purpose is still the same, celebrate history, celebrate the Malting’s and have a family friendly weekend out dressed as a pirate enjoying good food, good music and good rum!

On the Friday we will see the Smugglers Ball return with live music and lots of dancing and drinking, my favourite evening when we get everyone together and celebrate.  Saturday and Sunday see a host of pirates holding activities for you to hand over your gold and doubloons, the Black Knight Historial crew are on the Quay, which always ends in a stand off or two, we commandeer some vessels and take the land folk out on the waters for a trip on the seven seas, there are usually some roaming crafters and food merchants with stalls all around the town, including that cheeky but popular game toss the jellyfish, we have a treasure trail to send you round the town to find my hidden booty and on Saturday night I have a special game of Blackbeards Badtaste Badass Bingo usually followed by our now legendary Ghost walk not for the faint hearted.

The tides have dictated that this year the event falls on 15th – 17th September and I am beginning to assemble me crew, if you think you have what it takes to join Blackbeards gang, drop me a message in a bottle and I will send you a seagull. If you are a food or craft merchant and you want to sell your wears on the weekend send me your heemail address and I will send you a heemail with some details.

Once events are confirmed, I will send out my crew to spread the word, find me on twitter wellspiratefest or on Facebook Wellspiratefestival

Until September – Avast ye scurvy scum

Captain Blackbeard

 Photos from 2016

Photos from Previous Years