22 June : The Boats of the Saltmarsh Coast

22 June, 20 July, 24 August (and continued through the end of 2017) 

‘The Birds of the Saltmarsh Coast’ will be followed by a series of talks, panels, discussions, workshops and site visits on ‘The Boats of the Saltmarsh Coast’. The series will begin on 22 June and will run through the end of 2017.

The objectives of the ‘Boats’ series will be to share local knowledge of the ships and boats that have been integral parts of life, work and play on the Saltmarsh Coast for more than a thousand years. It will focus on the design, technologies, construction, use and preservation of fishing boats, lifeboats, warships, freighters, revenue cutters, yachts, dinghies and muck-boats that have tied the northern edge of Norfolk to the rest of the world. It will tell the stories of when, where and with what materials they were built and maintained; where they went; who sailed them; and how they reflected the peculiar character of this coastline and its people. It will inform and entertain residents and visitors of all ages who want to learn more about a rich maritime past and understand the issues that will shape its maritime future. The series will feature talks, lectures, visits and opportunities to get afloat. It will include:

  • Panel discussion on the history of boat and ship design, building and maintenance on the Saltmarsh Coast
  • Panel discussion on recreational sailing in North Norfolk
  • ‘Try Sailing’ and ‘Try Rowing’ Days in conjunction with local clubs
  • Panel discussion on the future of boat building in North Norfolk
  • Presentation, panel discussion and site visits on the Lifeboats of the Saltmarsh Coast
  • Talk about the restoration Lucy Lavers at Rescue Wooden Boats, Stiffkey
  • Talk and site visit on Albatros
  • Talks and workshops on Marine Art and Photography

Details of these events will be published in May.