The evacuees, a legacy

So why Norfolk, I am frequently asked?  My family were evacuated to Burnham Market and Burnham Overy during the war, I reply, and that sets me thinking once again what must it have really been like? And how many other residents or visitors to our sea and shoreline, “incomers”, like me, have that same deep.. read more →

The Granary Reflections of Wells

Pauline Kelly is a resident of Peterborough and was born in Wells in October 1945.  She has vivid memories being brought up in Wells. In this post, she recounts her memories of Wells from the Granary, of snowstorms and family. In 1949 I was a young child of 4 or 5-years old.  I remember going.. read more →

What do volunteers do?

Hello and welcome to a perspective about a volunteer for the development of the Maltings.  I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself, some of you will already know me but equally quite a few may not. I am the Theatre Sound and Lighting Technician for the Granary theatre, or wherever we.. read more →

The Wells Maltings Quilt and Heritage Banner

The writer of this post, Dierdre Amsden is a recognised needlewoman and quilter, whose work has inspired the delightful contributions which comprise the Wells Maltings Quilt, and herald the Maltings Heritage Banner. In doing so, she captures art traditions of the past, which bring history and events alive, and celebrate life, achievements and occasions through.. read more →