Coastal Futures – Open Meeting

Thursday 24th October

In the uncomfortably near future, parts of Norfolk’s coast will be buttressed, adjusted or abandoned in response to climate change and rising sea levels. Accordingly, the first programme in the new ‘Think Global, Act Local’ series at Wells Maltings will focus on the roles of coastal communities in shaping Norfolk’s Coastal Futures.

Research by scientists, national and local governments and civic organizations confirms that: (1) The futures of the Norfolk coast, our children and grandchildren will be shaped by forces we can’t control but can anticipate; (2) Those forces are growing and accelerating; (3) It is time for coastal communities to address them.

The provisional programme will include:

  • An Open Meeting at the Maltings on October 24 (7.00 pm) to consider the outcomes of a preparatory workshop and issues raised by participants.
  • Additional Open Meetings to accommodate everyone who wishes to participate in them if the October 24 meeting is oversubscribed.
  • A draft report that will be reviewed by participants in the open meeting(s) and a final report incorporating their comments (November-December).
  • Meetings in Norfolk’s coastal communities focussed on local challenges, priorities and agendas in the context of the Norfolk coast as a whole (early 2020).

To reserve your place at the open meeting 24 October, please contact the Maltings box office 01328 710885. Places must be booked in advance, and are free of charge.