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Shellfish of dazzling variety, quality and freshness are another joy of north Norfolk life and this evening will feature the lore and learning of a celebrated authority on shellfish production and an acknowledged master of shellfish recipes.

Cyril Southerland has been cultivating, tending and harvesting mussels, oysters and crabs since he was old enough to explore the coastal waters of Northwest Norfolk and the creeks and marshes of Brancaster Harbour. In the course of his working life he has not only built a successful business but has also acquired formidable knowledge and insights of the forces that have shaped and will continue to shape the coastline of north and northwest Norfolk. His presentation will focus on shellfish production.

Chris Coubrough is best known as a highly successful Norfolk hotelier who has owned and run boutique hotels and inns at Wells, Brancaster Staithe, East Rudham, Hingham Letheringset and Norwich. He is also an outstanding chef who learned his craft in New Zealand, honed his skills in Europe and the USA and will share some secrets about how to make the most of Cyril’s catches (with samples!)

Harbour administrator Simon Cooper, also involved in the new Wells Lobster Hatchery, will be joining Cyril and Chris to share his knowledge on the topic.

Running time: 01 hours 15 minutes

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The Shell Game
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Thu 18 Nov 2021
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