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Norfolk has two thirds of England’s Round Tower churches, some Saxon, some later, all beautiful. Why and how were they built? Why does Norfolk have such a disproportionate share? Lyn Stilgoe, author of The Round Tower Churches of Norfolk, knows them all.

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This series of talks and conversations will focus on the roles of faith-based institutions in the life and times of the area bounded by the Holme-Salthouse coast and the A148. The series has been developed in consultation with ministers, officers and members of various denominations.


Well into the 20th century, churches, chapels and meeting houses were vital parts of the warp and woof of social, cultural and spiritual life in north Norfolk. In the last fifty years, congregations have diminished, Sunday schools have declined, coffers have emptied, some places of worship have closed, others have been put to alternative uses. As in other parts of England, the transformation has been so quick that many adults, younger people and children know little and care less about the Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Methodists, Congregationalists, Quakers and others who played dimly remembered roles in shaping their communities and surroundings.

The series will be factual, objective and eclectic. It will neither promote nor evangelise. Nor will it offer a comprehensive review of the past, present or future of religious institutions. It will serve instead as a reminder of the impact of organised religion on the cultural, social, economic, political landscapes of north Norfolk and its pervasive influence on enduring rhythms of everyday life.

The sessions in this series will explore four themes: Holy Alliances: Faith, Society and Politics, featuring faith-based activists who drove social change in north Norfolk in the 19th and 20th centuries; History and Heritage, featuring notable religious sites in north Norfolk and their social and spatial relationships with surrounding towns and villages; Bricks, Stones and Mortar, focussing on the fabric of selected churches and other places of worship; and The Sound of Music, illustrating the impact of church music, bells and… clocks.

Running time: 01 hours 15 minutes

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