Creative Learning at Wells Maltings

Creative Learning has been an integral part of Wells Maltings; we create hands-on learning opportunities with audiences, artists and academics, which provide schools and the wider community with new and exciting avenues of engagement with our programme of theatre, dance, music, film and visual arts. This aspect of our work has had to take a back seat for the time being due to the Coronavirus situation, but we aim to continue bringing as much Creative Learning to our community as we can.

Culture and art are integral parts of local development. From a social perspective, they are essential components in enhancing quality of life, as the more choices people have to participate in cultural and artistic events, the more they experience personal satisfaction. From an economic perspective, the development of the cultural sector in a rural area contributes to creating more jobs. It also has an impact on increasing revenues as a result of selling goods and services, or enhancing cultural tourism activities in rural areas.

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