Creative Learning at Wells Maltings

Creative Learning sits at the heart of Wells Maltings; we create hands-on learning opportunities with audiences, artists and academics, which provide schools and the wider community with new and exciting avenues of engagement with our programme of theatre, dance, music, film and visual arts.

Culture and art are integral parts of local development. From a social perspective, they are essential components in enhancing quality of life, as the more choices people have to participate in cultural and artistic events, the more they experience personal satisfaction. From an economic perspective, the development of the cultural sector in a rural area contributes to creating more jobs. It also has an impact on increasing revenues as a result of selling goods and services, or enhancing cultural tourism activities in rural areas.
From exciting, one-off taster events to our ambitious recent Driftwood programme with Wells Primary School and Alderman Peel High School, our work nurtures curiosity and enriches learning, which we believe is a lifelong entitlement for all.

Our guiding principles are that creative learning should:

  • Place participants in the creative driving seat
  • Be artist-facilitated with participants working as artists themselves
  • Be accessible and inclusive to all, regardless of age, ability or background
  • Be fun, significant, influential and inspirational
  • Give participants rich, inspirational encounters with the arts and artists
  • Unite people by offering shared experiences

We offer Programmes of Engagement for Learning Audiences in many different ways:-

Young People – by working with teachers to shape the learning offer and programme and through offering a combination of tailored, independent and outreach sessions, Wells Maltings is best placed to develop meaningful, sustainable and effective partnerships with key local learning audiences.

Families – plans are underway to work together with families to create workshops that parents and children can continue themselves at home to encourage curiosity and play. Also in the pipeline are grandparent and grandchildren workshops.

Adults, Older Adults and Specialty Projects – voice projects, working with people who are isolated or disenfranchised, creating innovative, enjoyable, and high-quality arts experiences. Things we focus on include:

  • Introducing new dynamics and encouraging creative solutions to problems
  • Engaging diverse communities
  • Nurturing and developing diverse art forms
  • Cultivating a wide range of artistic, human and financial resources
  • Developing an awareness of the social, critical, and practical functions of art-making

Our recent projects have included a sensitivity to the local landscape including the saltmarsh, beach and the surrounding countryside. We seek to include the interaction between cultural heritage, contemporary art and collective memory.

The Wells Maltings Learning Team seeks to preserve traditional or classical forms of arts and culture, exploring contemporary methods while incorporating individual unique expression.

For more information, please contact:

Mary Blue Brady
Learning and Outreach Manager
Wells Maltings Trust
01328 711378