Yoga & Mindfulness Classes

This course is for E V E R Y O N E.
Mindfulness meditation really changes how we respond to situations because when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.

This practice will help prevent you from overthinking & worrying about every possible outcome, dwelling on past experiences or agonising about the future.
It will improve the relationship with yourself and others, enhance your sense of appreciation & gratitude, increase levels of focus and concentration as well as improving your quality of sleep.

Over the 8 weeks, you will learn the essential skills of mindfulness meditation, helping you cope with the daily stresses & strains of life, learning to manage thoughts & emotions more skilfully, reducing the feelings of stress, anxiety, self-judgement and help you start to live your life now, to the absolute fullest- there is no more perfect time than N O W!

Mindfulness helps you enhance your overall sense of wellbeing. This course is life changing!

I understand it is difficult to find a window of opportunity of 8 available weeks but it is important with your progression to the practice to endeavour to make each weekly meet wherever possible.

Your commitment will be 20 minutes daily meditation practice for the duration of the course, this will ensure optimum results, helping to build a strong habit and resilience for your ongoing practice.

The fee of £195 includes all course materials, audio meditations & full support & guidance. £60 deposit is required to secure your place, there are only limited spaces available.

Any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me or you can find more details on our website or call
Marie on 07913 187251

No previous experience is required so perfect for complete beginners or for those wishing to deepen their existing meditation practice.

Marie Isaac is also holding classes 4 days a week in the light, spacious and calming. Clore Community Space upstairs in at Wells Maltings.

Please contact Marie for further details but the session times are shown below:

Wednesday : 5.45 – 7pm – Energising Vinyasa Flow yoga

Wednesday : 7pm-8pm Beginers yoga series

Thursday : 10-11.15am – Energising Vinyasa Flow yoga

Thursday : 6.30 – 8pm – 8 week Mindfulness Meditation yoga

** Please note we have a weeks break during the half-term on 21st February and so the course will be completed on Thurs 28th March.

Marie can be contacted on 07913 187251 or through her website at