The final furlong – the new Maltings building nears completion

Fourteen months ago, building work to create north Norfolk’s premier centre  for arts, heritage and the community started. 

Over that time, we’ve seen the new Maltings grow – slowly at first, but by the end of the summer internal spaces in the 19th century building had taken form, and the new extension had a steel framework.

The building was topped out just before Christmas, and the stunning brass cladding added.

We are now only weeks away from completion of the building works – the point where our main contractor Robson Construction hands over the building so we can undertake the final pieces of installation and fit out before we open. It’s an exciting moment for us all.

Throughout the process, our photographer Sarah Toon has been documenting progress, and sharing her work. She was with us this week, for the final time, to catch just how much things have changed, and how the spaces in the building now look. The sun shone, bathing the building in light and contrasting the deep blue of the sky with the honey coloured exterior.

You can check out Sarah’s latest photos here.