What do volunteers do?

Hello and welcome to a perspective about a volunteer for the development of the Maltings.  I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself, some of you will already know me but equally quite a few may not. I am the Theatre Sound and Lighting Technician for the Granary theatre, or wherever we currently use for productions, one of the Screen-next-the-Sea projectionists and a sound/lighting Technician for Creake Drama Group, Cley Amateur Dramatic Society and Wells Panto Crew. I am one of the Volunteer Run Directors every Saturday morning at Holkham Park Run and Chairman of the Wells Croquet Club, yes there is a Croquet club in Wells, and a volunteer Flood Warden, a member of the Wells Christmastide Committee and involved with the annual Pirate Festival.

And in my spare time I will be writing and posting about our work at the Maltings.  This is the first of many posts I will be publishing during the refurbishment of the Granary and the building of the extension. During the building and fit out phases I will be talking to some of the people involved in the build and also the companies, designers and consultants involved in the fit out, hopefully explaining what is being done and why particularly that.

I moved into Norfolk in 1980, having been born in the Midlands, following a boating holiday on the Broads in 1979. Up to this time my working background had largely been involved with Electrical and Control System fit outs of new buildings and refurbishment of existing buildings.

In 1999 I moved to Warham; I was unemployed, having previously been made redundant 4 times in 5 years, and decided a change of career might be in order and became aware of the existence of the Granary Theatre. I soon helped Ray Smith and stage managed some productions, joined the Carnival Committee, the Lifeboat Guild and the Warham Reading Room committee.

I also started teaching adults how to use computers, and some may remember me teaching in the Library in Wells for a period in the 2000s. I was also employed as a Trainer with the County Community Archive and was heavily involved in the Introduction of the Community Archives in Wells, Fakenham and many other communities around Norfolk. I continued teaching Adults until being made redundant again in 2012 and joined Holkham as Visitor Services Supervisor, where I worked until ill health retirement in 2015, and am delighted to say, my health is now much improved.

Outside of work, http://www.voluntarynorfolk.org.uk/opportunities  and the other activities that I am involved in I am now in my 27th year as a  volunteer boat skipper/instructor for a charity on the Norfolk Broads.

If you have any questions for me, please contact me via Becky or Ben or Mary in the Wells Maltings Trust Office. mary@wellsmaltings.org.uk to express your interest, or call 01328 711378.

In my next post I am hoping to have interviewed the builders site foreman and had a look at progress on site, if there are specific aspects of the refurbishment you would like included in a post, or to learn more about, I would be delighted to hear from.

Until the next time, I will leave you with this thought: No-one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Dave Barber

Volunteer, and Theatre and Sound Lighting Technician, amongst other roles.