When life seems hard – Sweet Mongrels say you are not alone!

Sweet Mongrels bring a taste of real life to the Maltings


Friday 17 August 7.30pm

A new company and a new quartet of short plays, all dealing with the splendid unpredictability of life and its habit of making it seem like you are constantly – well – swimming upstream…

An unpredictable house guest. A workplace interrogation. A humiliating family gathering. An outrageous unveiling on a chat show. These new plays explore what happens when you fight beyond your control. Would you face the challenge head on, succumb to coercion, shift the blame at all costs, or run for the hills?

Written and directed by Jenny Duda and performed by six actors who play multiple characters, Sweet Mongrels deliver a brand-new comedy-drama that will amuse and alarm, resonate and entertain.

Tickets £10, available from the Maltings box office  01328 839000 or online here