The Handa Gallery

The Handa Gallery has very quickly gained a regional reputation for exhibitions of art, sculpture and crafts, and we host around 8-10 events annually.

Exhibitions tend to run for a minimum of 10 days, up to 4 weeks, but this can vary. Private views and other preview events can be arranged in support of the exhibition. The Handa Gallery opens for public viewing when our building is open, seven days a week.

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We gratefully acknowledge the generous support of Dr Haruhisa Handa and the International Foundation for Arts and Culture in bringing you our Handa Gallery programmes.

The gallery is programmed in line with our artistic policy, and rates of hire and commission on sales are agreed on a bespoke case by case basis.

If you are a visual artist, a member of an artists’ group, or a curator of work and wish to discuss exhibiting with us, please contact director Simon Daykin – [email protected].