Sounding Out Wells Round Table


I joined the Sounding Out Wells team in 2022, shortly before the first of two field trips to capture the soundscape recordings needed to bring the sonic postcards to life. Focussing on featured sounds for specific postcards and ambience recordings in key locations, my aim was to ensure that we would have enough recorded material to be able to bring detailed, expressive arrangements of recorded sound together in the finished works. There is a range of close-up and more distant sounds chosen to represent the complex sound worlds around each of the postcards’ subjects, and of necessity, sometimes these sounds are not what they seem… For example, many of the ‘lobster’ sounds in the Lobster Catch postcard are actually the sound of trickling water and tumbling charcoal filter pieces in the hatchery’s various water tanks!


Chris Cook

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With thanks to our speakers, (in order of appearance)

George Revill: Professor of Cultural Historical Geography, The Open University

Kim Hammond – Research Associate, The Open University, Sounding out Wells

Chris Bonfiglioli – New Media Producer

Chris Cook – Sound Artist, Goldsmiths University